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How to Make Library Requests

I have gotten so many wonderful messages from readers about how they wish they had a book like Fat Witch Summer when they were teenagers. One of the best ways to get the book into the hands of teens? The library!

The reality is that most teens do not spend money on books—especially paperbacks and hardcovers. Many of them only have access to books that they can find easily (and for free!) on library shelves.

The good news is that it is relatively easy to ask your local library to buy a copy of Fat Witch Summer.

Three Ways to Request Books From Your Library

1. Request the title via your library’s website. This is often in the “Contact Us” area of the site. Look for a section called “Suggest Title for Purchase” or “Recommend A Title” and fill out the form.

2. If your library uses Overdrive or the Libby App, search for “Fat Witch Summer.” If it comes up but is not in their collection, click “Recommend” or “Notify Me.”

3. In person, go to your library and ask a librarian if they take requests. Some libraries will only order a book if there is “physical proof” of demand.

In addition, you may need some extra info to make a request, such as:

1. Your Library Card number

2. The Book’s ISBNs - Fat Witch Summer’s ebook ISBN is 978-0-9962324-4-9, paperback ISBN is 978-0-9962324-5-6, and hardcover ISBN is 978-0-9962324-6-3

3. The Publisher - Sword And Rose Press

4. If there is additional space for why you are requesting, you can add pertinent information for why it would be valuable to add to their teen collection, such as “Body Image Issues” or “Own Voices” (because I am a fat author writing about a fat protagonist).

Libraries generally purchase copies of books through distributors like Ingram, Baker & Taylor, or Overdrive, though they will occasionally obtain a book through Amazon. Just in case you were wondering!

At the end of the day, library purchases add to sales and help Fat Witch Summer reach readers who cannot afford to purchase books. It’s a win-win! And a great way to help this book—or any book—reach readers without having to spend a dime.

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