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$10,000 in 48 Hours!

Oh my Goddess, not only did the Fat Witch Summer Kickstarter fund and reach our initial goal of $5,000 in just over three hours, we also somehow blew through several stretch goals and climbed all the way to $10,000 this morning.

The success of this campaign as truly been unreal. I posted a heartfelt Kickstarter update about it on Thursday when we launched, but I am so grateful for everyone's support.

Last night, Ben and I spent a few hours crunching the numbers and updating our budget and stretch goals. Before the campaign launched we were keeping our goals modest, but now that we’re seeing the project resonate with so many people we’re able to start looking at some additional marketing expenses to help with the launch next summer. Here are some examples of what we’re reaching for with every extra dollar we raise:

  • Listing the book on Net Galley as a digital ARC - $500

  • Sending a copy of the book on a BookTok or Instagram tour - $500

  • Goodreads Book Giveaway - $119-599 (Who knew this was so expensive!?)

Obviously there’s also the wide world of running ads, both consumer-facing (Goodreads, Facebook, Amazon) and industry-facing (Edelweiss, BookBub, Publishers Weekly). And maybe, MAYBE, even an audiobook. MAYBE. We’ll have to see how far this campaign can go!

Anyway, check out the campaign updates for more real-time information. I will probably blog sporadically throughout the campaign, but if you're reading this, thank you so much for backing, sharing, and just generally cheering on this book.

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